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About Us prides itself in providing quality music, for what we like to label as "Musically Guaranteed”. The music heard here is unique and definitely guaranteed

of quality standards. We sift through all the garbage so you won't have to. We simply raised the bar!

Intricate beats, complex arrangements, wicked bass lines and yet sometimes, downright beautiful – Truly unpredictable!

Refamiliarizing (our word), our listeners with artist and music that’s been around for decades, but oddly enough hasn’t found its way to the mainstream audience. will look to change that! is not only music; it’s a widely diverse selection of quality music, transcending all genres and race, funneled into one station. Music created by some of the most talented musicians in the world!

Serving as a music knowledge base for our listeners, we deliver music rarely heard anywhere else, along with the history of the artist, videos, concert dates and discographies (meaning all the LP’s and artist they’ve been associated with), so you can build your music collection intelligently.

No blind eye to the sizzlin’ new talent out there,
Independent Artist are fully supported at and from listeners like you. Being a musician, I understand how tough it is to get exposure. Here at, we search long and hard for the best new artist (sounding good is a priority), sign ‘em up as a member, make their music available to you via download. CD’s available as well.

Listening to will vastly improve your love and knowledge for something we once called ……music!

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Donations of any kind are truly appreciated!  All donations goes towards making accessible everywhere (mobile) and continue our pledge, in bringing our listeners the best music and artist information possible.                                                                                                               


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Tell someone about if you enjoy the music we provide or download a song or buy a CD. We partner with Amazon so your purchase / payment is secured.

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 If you have any comments, suggestion or questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Calvin Wilson                                         
Program Director / Content Provider The New Genre Of Music                                 .

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